Thursday, July 17, 2014

get inked

tiny and cute


So, I am in LOVE with these accessories from ISLY NYC. So cute, so surreal, huge, poppy, statement-making. NEED.

Their sunnies have chains hanging off them with the words OH NO like earrings. So cute. so so cute.

How to dress like a cool girl: Wear all of their brightly colored brooches on an all black ensemble.

Their septum ring.

Favorite Pieces

Jock Charm Earrings - six tiny studs to mix and match.
XL MANTRA - BE HERE NOW necklace - maybe i'm just drawn to the heart shape the chain is making i really dk
Pom Pom Cuffs, for the inner cheerleader.
Clear Splash Glasses, make them an everyday accessory and there will be no need to endure the pain of dangly earrings anymore.
Stackable rings, wear all three on one finger or one on each.
XL Boobs Inlay Brooch because i love boobies.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

airplanes + prom 2k14

Hong Kong - Spring Break 2k14

Airplanes are super cool but they're also really sad because they can take away your favorite people as easily as they brought them. Never has it been easier to travel huge distances and discover places entirely different from where you came from. An airplane brought one of my favorite shitheads to Yangon, and just yesterday night, he went away. And I was really horrible to him. And in some ways he was horrible to me too. And I really really hope he comes back because if he doesn't, all this regret is going to break me up into a billion tiny little pieces. 

Today was the very first prom of my school. There are so many things wrong with my school. Crazy conservative businessman managing the school + strict old fashioned parents = probably the most messed up school in the world. Oh, and also, the students are spoilt rich brats whose first thought when they arrive to school is about which classes they can skip. The teachers dislike the school. The students dislike the school. And if I ever had the chance to move out of this goddamned place I would take it without a second thought. All high schools are supposed to have prom... right? Well our school doesn't. And this is the first prom. And it's created solely by the students. No administrative support whatsoever. My school is crazy, messed up, and horrible. Don't come. 
Anyways, I went alone to prom. I had a 'date' but he eventually ditched me for his friends because we have nothing to talk about. That's cool. I understand. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

can i pretend that this never happened

so i dyed my hair blonde today. i used to have black hair and looking at what i am today, i'm probably going back to that tomorrow.
i think i've probably had the most shocking... dramatic? hair journey in my class. i've had a mullet, i've gotten extensions, i've gone red, i've tried the homeless style, i've gone curly, i've had a mushroom bob and countless other styles i can't remember right now.
i really dislike this. so i'm going back to black tomorrow. my hair is so damaged and ugly already, it's only going to get worse from here.

Monday, February 17, 2014


it has been long since ive posted here. i am blogging from my phone since my laptop charger is dead.
here are some photos from phuket when i went last year.
and then earlier this year, i went to bagan.
i think foggy mornings are beautiful.
i was lost in front of the shwe dagon pagoda last night.